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Britney says she is both shy and crazy, and both are true. Sit with her in the jacuzzi and enjoy a drink of champagne.

She will sit close, but won’t aggressively start any intimate action until you give a sign. Britney is a lady, before she becomes something else. Start slowly with a small kiss, or a touch. Feel her respond with a quiver.

She wants you to do more. Kiss her deeply. She loves to kiss. That’s not all she enjoys doing with her mouth. Gentlemen report after Britney that she gives the best oral service in their experience.

This Venezuelan beauty loves to start slow and finish strong, and the passion you will experience is 100% real.

Age: 25

Height:  5' 1" (155 cm)

Weight: 117 lb (53 kg)

Chest: 36B

Waist: 24" (63 cm)

Hip: 37" (96 cm)


Gentlemen Only


Spanish Only

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