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Estrella is our resident make out artist. She loves to kiss, and takes pride in her oral expertise.

Whether you like kisses with deep tongue, or what the Latin girls call “besitos” (small kisses in volume), Estrella believes that good kissing is what leads to good sex. Her repeat clients all agree.

Her mouth always tastes good, though her inquisitive tongue makes it hard to focus on taste and smell. Fresh breath is a huge turn on for her.

If oral stimulation is important to you, Estrella would love to make your acquaintance.

Age: 29

Height:  4' 11" (150 cm)

Weight: 101 lb (46 kg)

Chest: 32B

Waist: 23" (60 cm)

Hip: 35" (89 cm)


Gentlemen Only


Basic English

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