Julieta is a bilingual beauty you can enjoy in and out of bed. Her English is not flawless, but she understands a lot and is fun to speak with.

She’s built like a professional model, and loves to have her picture taken in the tropical land of enchantment.

Ask Julieta about her future, and she’ll talk about the business she wants to start. Her job with the Pleasure Principle is a fun detour and a pleasant way to meet new people and save some money.  She answers to both “Julie” and “Julieta”.

Whether you want her in the spa, or out in public, naked or in tropical clothing, Julieta is your tropical fantasy come true.

Additional Info

Age: 26
Height: 157 CM
Weight: 57 KG
Chest: 32 B
Waist: 63 CM
Hip: 97 CM

Services for:

Spanish & Conversational English

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