Sol‘s Photos


Sol is truly a classic “Little Lolita”. We checked her ID once, then twice and then asked for a second form of ID! She’s 18 years old but can pass for 16 years old. For those of you who enjoy them young, sweet and innocent then Sol is your dream come true!

Sol is a bit introverted and shy. Help her become more self confident as she’s a stunning young lady. Clients love Sol and she always extends to a second hour and peeks out of her suite saying in Spanish “the client wants a Viagra please and second hour”. Music to our ears and pure pleasure for you!

Age: 18

Height:  5' " (153 cm)

Weight: 110 lb (50 kg)

Chest: 36B

Waist: 23" (60 cm)

Hip: 34" (88 cm)


Gentlemen Only


Spanish Only

Get immediate help with questions or reservations